What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of programmes and really believe in thinking outside of the box when it comes to learning and helping people.


All our projects can be done on a 121 basis or in a group setting. They will all however include having encouraging, supportive staff who will maximise every opportunity to help develop confidence, improve self esteem and help each person live and love life.



We love to have fun here at Heartlift. Our Bouncy boxing ring and sumo suit challenge are great ways to have fun and get fit at the same time.


Bouncy boxing

Step into the ring and put on the biggest boxing gloves you have ever seen. Put on your head guard and then challenge a friend to a boxing match whilst bouncing around and trying to stay on your feet.


Sumo challenge

Step onto the mat, enter the ring and put on an enormous sumo suit and head gear. Now’s your chance to challenge someone to a belly whacking bonanza. First one to fall or step out of the ring loses!



We love to promote health and well-being. Sport is a great way to stay healthy, fresh and active. We do numerous sports activities as you will see on our videos but we are particularly specialised in wrestling. We have great links with Aspull Wrestling Club and have coaches who can help you join in and try it out and simply enjoy having a go and meeting new friends.
For those serious you are in one of the best clubs in the country at Aspull and can work from club level to regional, national and international as have many of their members.



Another sport we have found is a real favourite is free running / parkour. Watch the videos and see our guys in action! Think spiderman for real!


If walls could talk

Why not come and visit Bolton at Home’s Art Installation. Visual and audio art is written on all the walls downstairs and represents real life on our estate. Done by local residents who share their life stories and secrets of what life means for them. The installation is a powerful communication and highly recommended for all to see.

“This is one of the most powerful art installations I have ever seen. It moved me to tears” Lesley Humphreys – Artist


Power of Words

This is a life skills development programme which challenges the power of words, the impact words can have when you are on the receiving end of verbal abuse, how you can recognise it and minimise the damage it does. It then focuses on how you can have a positive impact on other people’s lives around you.

“Negative words are like poison, positive words are like vitamins, what are you feeding yourself today?”

“There’s power of life and death in the tongue. How are you going to use that weapon?”



This is an idea generated from Bolton at Home and we are proud to be working in partnership with them.  Think free shop! Think recycling!

Think volunteers developing employability skills! Think a community place to meet up, help each other, share, give and receive.

Many young people would love to work but lack of qualifications and lack of experience makes it very difficult for them to gain employment. The NOT shop has everything except a price on its products. Friendly customer service, meet and greet skills, a welcoming environment and an opportunity to build up experience for CV’s and help out your local neighbours at the same time.


ARK (Adults Relating to Kids)

This was a programme designed by Glenn Wilkerson in the USA and has had enormous success. Andrea Wood is the only trained facilitator in Britain who can deliver this.

In a day and age where life challenges are becoming harder and harder. This is a programme set up for parents and caregivers to help them support each other and who wish to set the bar of parenting at the highest standard possible.

It is a group support programme where problems are shared, ideas are offered and the group has the  benefit of a non judgemental environment where they are safe to share problems they may be facing with others who care.



Art is a fantastic way to communicate. It creates the opportunity to tap into your creative side, be expressive without the need for words, tap into your emotions and thoughts and visually create a story.

Everyone can do art! There is no right or wrong! The wilder the better! Paints, pictures, colours, materials, magazines, cutting out images that
shout out to you! Create your own story! Create your own picture, postcard, card, poster, anything you like! This is your chance to go crazy!

One of the programmes we run through art is Heart Collage. This is a very powerful way of digging deep into yourself and finding a way to really
express emotions and a story that only your subconscious may be aware of.

We have found that many people have found this project to be extremely helpful as a way of communicating to themselves and others.



Who doesn’t love a movie night. Bolton at Home and BOX TV are working in partnership with us to offer evenings of entertainment where young people can come together and enjoy a great film night in a warm, friendly environment with great friends.



Well it’s name gives it away. It’s all about knitting and all about nattering! A great social get together time where you can learn how to develop skills and get the chance to meet people of all ages from your community.

People make the mistake of thinking that knitting is something for the more mature in the community. We have discovered that this is so not the case.
Rather, we have found that many young people have really enjoyed it and found it to be very therapeutic and relaxing.



This is the most important area that we cover. We appreciate that we live in a society where we cannot assume that people have life skills. What many may class as basic skills such as eating at a table with a knife and fork, manners, speaking properly and communicating well, having the confidence to ask questions, express their emotions in a healthy way, manage anger etc. the list is endless.

We offer a bespoke programme to suit every individual. Every person has their own needs. Generic programmes cannot always offer the help they need.

We treat every person as an individual and like to ‘walk a mile in their shoes’ with our young people and families, understand and appreciate the
position they are in and then try and help in a relevant way.



This is an emotional support programme which helps people identify and understand why they may feel a particular way or behave in a certain manner. It differentiates between the ‘roots’, this may be feelings of rejection, abandonment, grief, abuse or many other reasons from the ‘leaves’. This is the expression of how this presents itself. This may be anger, violence, lashing out, self harming, eating disorders etc.

Being able to differentiate between the two can then help us to help people specifically to tackle the underlying causes of how they feel. It can also help us to signpost them to very valuable support agencies that they may not be aware of but are available to help them.



Why not come along for a social evening full of laughs, making new friends and getting a nice stylish make over at the same time.

MGM hair studios from Wigan, kindly offer their time every month to close their shop early and come to the Centre in order to make sure that all our Heartlift members can access free hair cuts!

We have the smartest young people and families going!

It’s all well and good people talking about improving self esteem and helping people feel good about themselves but it is very difficult to feel
great when you feel unkempt or unhappy about your appearance.

Peoples budgets are barely meeting basic needs of food, shelter and warmth and so many people find that hair styling and such things are luxuries. That does not detract from the fact that they still would feel so much better if they could have this ‘luxury’.

We love seeing the before and after moments on the hairdressing nights. What a difference it makes.

Big thank you to MGM for volunteering their time!



Bolton at Home offer a fantastic service through a variety of their partners such as BOX TV which gets kids hands on involved in creating videos, blogs and being involved in a wide range of drama / media programmes.

Graffiti projects on mirrors, graffiti stitch work, making videos and blogs are just a few of the activities that are on offer.



Again through our links with Bolton at Home and UCAN centre we have had the privilege of accessing support from Len Grant, a fantastic writer who has recently been involved in including Heartlift and our young people in developing the skills of writing blogs and raising awareness.

For more information visit www.rareasrubies.org



We work with a number of partners in the area including Training For Today, local schools and colleges etc



These are by far the best partners in the area. We often refer many of our families and young people to them and go along with them as they deliver programmes for literacy, numeracy, drug and alcohol support, CAB, HOOT credit advice and many other invaluable services.


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