Young People

We see you! We hear you, and we want to be here for you!

We understand that life can be pretty challenging sometimes for you guys. Whilst some challenges are great for you like taking part in sports competitions, getting involved in local youth clubs, volunteering and going to school, others challenges are not always so great.


We also know that sometimes it can really help to have someone there to be there for you and support you through the good and the bad times.


Everyone has their own individual journey and we want to encourage you, support you, help you to build your confidence to go for your dreams and be all that you can be. We also want to offer you opportunities to get involved in things that you will enjoy. We offer a wide range of activities which include trips, sports, art and challenges such as bouncy boxing and inflatable sumo matches.


We also want to help you enjoy learning.

Our aim is to teach you about things that will really help you in life. You know you better than anyone and so we listen to your views of what you feel you need more information on.

The choices is yours. If you are unsure, here is a list of some of the things that we do.

Heart Collage – art is not all about drawing and painting. Heart collage is a great project that everyone can do. It can really help you to tune into the inner you, a great way to use your imagination, tell a story through images and allow you to be really creative.


Other topics include learning about character, goals and dreams, discipline, determination, courage, the power of words, the difference between positive and negative touch.


We also cover subjects such as violence, gangs, the law, alcohol and drugs, fire and water safety, and global affairs such as slavery, human trafficking and child soldiers.


Our learning is not done in a classroom style teaching method.

We use innovative ways to learn from watching movies on such subjects, role play, learning through art, true testimonies and many other enjoyable ways to really understand, take part and grow a genuine interest in learning.

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