Heartlift was founded many years ago but received charitable status in November 2012. Since then, we have grown from strength to strength supporting more vulnerable young people and their families from year to year.

Heartlift is a Christian organisation committed to helping others. We are a faith based but not faith biased charity and we believe in the simple core values of life, which include kindness, respect, and caring for one another. Our passion is helping those in society that have greater needs and need additional support.

Confidence building is embedded into all projects that we deliver and everything we do. So often, people find themselves in a place where they struggle to see their potential. At Heartlift, we want to walk a mile in their shoes, raise their aspirations and give them confidence to achieve their goals. To do this we have a variety of different, tailor made packages to support them. You can find out more by clicking our What We Do page.

Andrea Wood, CEO Heartlift